University Museum (UM) Cultural Resources Management Division (CRMD) Reports


Nathan Craig

The New Mexico State University (NMSU) Cultural Resource Management Division (CRMD) was a contract archaeology firm that was part of the University Museum (UM) and ran out of Kent Hall. This website site contains a listing of the documents that are entered into the Museum’s Zotero group library for CRMD Reports. To access a listing of these reports one may:

The reports themselves are not available for download by the public. However, qualified individuals are welcome to consult the original documents. To inquire about consulting the original documents please contact the University Museum (


Based on records at the University Museum,1 there were 675 reports generated by CRMD during the 22 years between 1972 - 1994. The most number of reports (\(n\)= 104) was generated in 1977 (Figure 2).

Figure 1: Zotero Group Library for CRMD Reports.
Figure 2: Plot of CRMD reports by year.


  1. Data derived from an Excel spreadsheet in the UM’s SharePoint entitled BIA Archival Project.xlsx. This file had a number of blank rows and other issues. Craig modified this file and named it CRM_reports_2023-12-12.xlsx, and that file forms the basis of work presented here and imported into Zotero.↩︎